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ROI:  Checking Alignment Preventative Maintenance
Input: Amount: Instructions / Results:
Average number Annual Preventative Maintenance Checks Used to calculate ROI
Vehicles in fleet (Enter larger number for a commercial fleet check)
Percent of Vehicles out of alignment US FLEET.ORG REPORT SHOWS 80% ARE OUT OF ALIGNMENT
Number of Annual Alignment Checks  
Average charge for Alignment Check (outsource) Average traditional alignment check costs is $59 - $99 per vehicle - not including downtime for vehicle being out of use
Total Projected Additional Revenue (Alignment Check Only) Total projected savings not invluding tires
QuickTrick Complete System Cost Full cost of your QuickTrick System ($500 - $1800)
Return on Investment in 12 month period or less This is your Return on Investment from Alignment Checks Alone
QuickTrick Pays for Itself in: This number of Alignment Checks To Pay for QuickTrick
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